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    Reservation Process


    When we receive a $500 deposit your name is on our list to receive a puppy.   

    While you can "pick" a puppy early on, puppies change greatly as they grow and they have to clear health checks so things can change.

    To be considered as a potential Belle Harbour Newfoundland puppy parent:


    Step 1. please fill out our application

    Step 2.  you will get an email from us telling you of your approval. 

                (If you do not hear back from us, please call or text and follow up)

    Step 3.  you will receive notification when the puppies are born. 

    Step 4.  Visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe to the channel.  You should be notified when we

                post videos of the puppies.   The Link is under Puppy Info in the menu.

    Step 5.  You will be notified when the vet appointments are made and when you can plan to pick up your puppy.  We will give you instructions at that time to set up a pickup appointment.





    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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    Google Map

    About Us

    We are actively involved in AKC conformation shows and a few of our puppies are active in water work and other competitive events with their owners. We will be exhibiting our dogs in the Mid-West and invite you to visit us anytime.

    Belle Harbour Newfoundlands
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