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    What Comes With Your Puppy

    1. AKC Registration mailed directly to you by AKC, cost is included in the newfie puppy purchase price
    2. 3 generation pedigree for your newfoundland puppy
    3. Veterinarian evaluation with vaccine record for your new newfoundland puppy (first shots will have been given).
    4. Home Again Microchip already inserted and ready to be registered.
    5. A collar and starter food to get you by until you can order more.
    6. Worming record. Your newfie puppy will have been wormed several times when he/she leaves our home.
    7. Our new puppy pdf which includes instructions on health research, 
      Documentation on current health issues for newfoundland dogs so that you can make informed decisions for your 
      newfy puppy and much more.
    8. A well socialized newfie puppy ready to be part of your family.
    9. A copy of Minnesota Consumer Rights Law including guarantees on hips, elbows and heart defects as well as many other protections.
    10. Our commitment to always be there for you for the lifetime of your newfie.



    We are feeding Blue Life Protection Large Breed puppy formula. Regardless of what you feed, you will need a bag to get you started.

    (if you don't find the food in local stores, you can order from or Amazon)

    A 42" wire crate or harness to secure your puppy for transportation. ( don't use wire dividers in crates, puppies have choked themselves to death )

    A Wire and/or slicker brush.

    Large tooth comb

    Food Bowl

    Water Bucket (If you hang the bucket on the wire crate it will minimize the water mess you can leave the door open too)

    A leash for walks. 

    Toys! (No rope toys or tennis balls! They can be deadly)

    You will need $3000 cash to complete the transaction.



    In 2014 the federal government passed a new law. Breeders are no longer legally able to ship puppies without a license as a wholesaler.  To be a wholesaler you must breed six or more litters a year, we do not breed often enough to qualify. Therefore, we cannot ship puppies, however you can either fly here and drive home or fly here and make your own airline arrangements for you and your new puppy.  Another option is to hire a transport service but keep in mind, the transport service is your representative and is approving the puppy selected on your behalf.   The transaction must be face-to-face. 




    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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    About Us

    We are actively involved in AKC conformation shows and a few of our puppies are active in water work and other competitive events with their owners. We will be exhibiting our dogs in the Mid-West and invite you to visit us anytime.

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